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Why Tenant Screening is Essential Before Leasing Your Property

Tenant screening services for landlords are a simple way for landlords to mitigate their risk of property damage or missed rent payments.

At SHC Property Management, we provide this service to landlords and property management clients using a 14-point checklist. Thanks to this thorough process, we are better able to protect your investment and your property.

While it is impossible to guarantee leasing success, our process significantly reduces the risk that your property will become damaged. As a result, the chances of a successful tenant/landlord relationship increase. Turn to SHC Property Management for some of the best tenant screening services in the state!

Application Fee

Has the applicant paid the fee required to apply? We will not consider them until they pay for this!

Current Photo ID

We always ask for proof of a current photo ID to help verify the identity of the applicant. We will ask for a driver’s license, passport, or another similar legal document with a photo ID.

Person Search (Identity Verification)

Is the potential tenant who they say they are? Our personal search (identity verification) can give you peace of mind.

Occupancy Limit

There are occupancy limits to each property, something that we will take into consideration during the tenant screening process.


Smoking can leave behind lingering odors that are unpleasant. Checking for smokers is always part of our screening process.


Not every property allows pets. For those properties that allow pets, we ensure they meet the pet requirement for the property.

Credit Report

A credit report is a simple way to determine how the individual handles money. We will determine if there is a delinquent collection amount and whether they have discharged bankruptcies for at least 6 months.

Income & Employment

The household gross income needs to exceed 3x the rent payment. For assisted housing, the income needs to exceed 3x the applicant’s portion. If there is an additional deposit required, we will ensure they can pay it.

Proof of Income

We collect and verify pay stubs and bank statements to make sure that the applicant can prove their income levels.

Criminal History

The applicant must also pass our written criteria for a criminal background check.

Eviction Search

Finally, we will make sure that the applicant does not have any previous evictions on their record.

Rental History

We will verify the applicant’s rental history for the previous 2 years. If there are any red flags, we will notate them.